# w-certificate

The Certificate component is rendered as a link which opens a WordProof certificate modal. The modal is also triggered by adding #wordproof hash tag to the url of the page that contains it.


# w-certificate

# Properties

Property Attribute Description Type Default
debug debug Enables debug information logging to the console. boolean false
lastModified last-modified The datetime the post was last modified. Used to show the visitor if the post is edited after the last timestamp. This is a visual notice, not a security feature. string undefined
linkText link-text Change the certificate link text. string undefined
noIcon no-icon Hides the icon on certificate link. boolean false
renderWithoutButton render-without-button Render without button inside, if a button is used outside this element. boolean false
sharedIdentifier shared-identifier Specify shared identifier to allow pages with multiple certificates. string ''
showRevisions show-revisions Determines if revisions are shown in the certificate. boolean \| string undefined

# Dependencies

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# Graph

Built with StencilJS (opens new window)