# w-certificate-button

# Variants

# Playground

<w-certificate-button shape="text"></w-certificate-button>


# w-certificate-button

# Properties

Property Attribute Description Type Default
color color Specify the color of the icon and tet. string undefined
icon icon Change the icon of the button. "none" \| "shield" \| "wordproof" undefined
shape shape Specify the shape of the button ('box' | 'text' | 'pill') "" \| "box" \| "classic" \| "pill" \| "text" 'text'
sharedIdentifier shared-identifier Specify shared identifier to allow pages with multiple certificates. string ''
text text Specify the text on the button, if not specified defaults to 'View this content's Timestamp certificate' string undefined
variant variant Specify the variant used. string undefined

# Dependencies

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# Graph

Built with StencilJS (opens new window)